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About Me

I'm a Platform Engineer. My life revolves around my love of everything IT and my beautiful family. I love to tinker, do puzzles, learn and implement new toys in tech, and just solve everyday problems with my love of automation. I hope you can find some useful info here. Please feel free to contact me! The site is still a work in progress, so pardon the mess!

BTW, you can find some of my art and poetry from over the years on Deviant Art if you want to head on over and check it out!

Professional Sites and Affiliations

My Github Repo

A very small start to me cleaning up my code from my local GitLab server to pushing to Github. Please remember I'm DevOps / Platform, not a pure developer. 😝


I highly recommend integrating Terraform into your CI/CD pipelines. Anywhere from building one VM, to custom modules to standing up an entire AWS VPC with a managed EKS cluster, Terraform should be part of your process. Click below to view the docs.

Terraform Docs


In the beginning there was bare metal. Then came virtual machines. In 2013, Docker was initially released to the public. And although Moore's Law may be dead by 2022, according to EE|Times, virtualization is still evolving strong. Kubernetes was released in 2015 and since we've seen many management technologies for the complex world of Kubernetes like Rancher and OpenShift. My first step in the world of everything Rancher being my new Software as a Service goto, was of course to master docker and kubernetes. Udemy is a great place to spend a quick $10 for AWESOME classes by tech leaders like the Docker Captain himself, Bret Fisher. Here you'll find my own course completion of his Kubernetes Mastery course which can be found here. See below for the Kube docs.

Kubernetes Docs

Izz Jeremy Lee Noland

I grew up throughout Alabama. Went to elementary school at Holt Elementary and high school at Brookwood High, both in Tuscaloosa. In 1998, I started college at the University of Alabama knowing I would be in computers. I knew I would be in computers ever since I was 5. I have my Gran-Gran to thank for that! I never dreamt of a day like today in computing. I'm married now, living and working in Birmingham. My wife, Anna White Whitney Noland, and my son, Imran Izz Noland, and my daughter, Emma Marjorie Noland are my rocks. I do what I do in life for them. (see pictured in the main About Me block)

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Languages of Choice

In no particular order, in addition to Terraform previously mentioned, I can't live without Python, Bash, Ruby, and Go. There are Windows variants as well, but I won't mention them here. Bash was my first love as I learned my way through the Linux shells. Having taken computer science in college, and having a deep respect for object-oriented programming, Python became my next love. I was late to the Python game, so 3.x was already released when I took to Python. Being so, I tried my best to always write code in Python 3.x, and for those who had a choice (not bound by legacy code, etc.), I could never figure out why choose Python 2.7. Ruby is a forced language I've come to learn as a part of Chef but more so due to necessity in self-written pipelines by software engineers WAY smarter than myself. And then there's Golang. I've just begun learning Go and love it! It's very convenient for debugging while developing (see go run). And the syntax reminded me so much of UNIX C. Colleagues I have a deep respect for have taken DevOps / SRE positions as Go in-house tool developers, and now I have followed suit. See a screenshot here of my course completion from Codecademy. And here for my Udemy completion cert! Below you'll find a link to each language's documentation.



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